12 Aug 2023
Work From Anywhere
Private Viewing: The Grand Canyon   (Keep reading to find out what happened during our private viewing!) The Grand Canyon never disappoints, even when it’s raining. I have had the privilege of seeing it up close, from different States, and different rims on multiple occasions, and it is spectacular every time. There are two things...
16 Jan 2023
How To Work From Anywhere In The World In 2023
Fast, clever ways to fund a travel lifestyle for the expat living overseas, or the explorer with itchy feet.
14 Jan 2023
Who Is The Expat Entrepreneur?
Meet an intrepid female entrepreneur who has been living and working overseas for 22 years. If your goal is to make money online 2023, have a read and see how one lady is doing it while traveling the world.
18 Jan 2022
How To Use The Power Of Intention To Chart Your Course This Year
3 simple steps to get anything you want in life no matter where you’re starting out. Welcome aboard 2022! I sincerely hope that this greeting finds us all enjoying an abundance of good fortune in all areas of our lives. If you’re anything like me, you are firmly “back to reality” and synthesizing last year’s...
2 Aug 2021
How I Started A Candy Company In Dubai Before Social Media Marketing Existed
Whether you love or hate social media, if you’re not using it for marketing in your business you are swimming upstream and limiting your growth and income. We have all heard many successful business people talk about how much harder things were back when they were building their business… right? You know the stories… The...
30 Jul 2021
The Great Buddha – 769 years old and counting….. Our first journey out of the city took us to Kamakura, which is only about 40 minutes away from Yokohama by train. The minute we stepped off the train Mark said “Wow, it feels totally different here!” and it really did. The origin of this town...
29 Jul 2021
Sake Hike
Sort of like a ski weekend, but not….. So apparently the lengths, or should I say heights to which we will go for Sake are great! This annual event is sponsored by a local Sake factory in which eager participants merrily hike up a mountain to a sacred, fresh water spring in order to fill a jug...
29 Jul 2021
The National Sport Of Japan A 41 minute trip on 3 trains to Tokyo and we were at the dedicated Sumo Arena where the Grand Championships are held. One tournament takes place over 15 days and there are six per year, one month on, one month off. Sumo dates back 1,500 years and is believed...
28 Jul 2021
Christmas to New Year in Japan
As many of you may be aware, Christmas is not celebrated in Japan where the majority of the population observe the very intriguing religion of Buddhism. The ‘Christmas Illumination’ is beautiful and the displays spring up everywhere. Transforming buildings, streets and parks into Christmas markets and beautiful winter scenes with Christmas decorations and light displays...