Dan Hollings The Plan OFFICIAL REVIEW

7 May 2022

Welcome To The OFFICIAL REVIEW For The Plan By Dan Hollings


Whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies or not, this program deserves a once-over from anyone who wants to make money from an investment, and ESPECIALLY anyone who wants to create a steady passive income they can rely on.

So if that’s you, please settle in and give this a good read because it has the potential to change your financial future.

Before I Unpack It For You, I Want You To Know That:

I am a proud Beta 1 plan member myself and 3 months after I created my bots I was up 31% overall which is beyond my expectation.

Once you’re trained and set up, the resources required to follow The Plan are minimal. (I’ll explain more below) That’s why it’s called a set & forget system.


Possibly A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity….

(some say once in a 1,000 year opportunity)

The Plan is the safest way available today to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Full stop.

The Plan teaches you how to profit from the volatility (the ups and the downs) of the crypto market using bots (ai) that you set and forget (meaning walk away and go live your life).

The Plan is a very specific program that Dan Hollings created after he blew through $5M over 3 years of laborious testing and retesting of theories and formulas until he discovered the golden sequence that has become The Plan!

Pssst! I’ll let you in on a little secret…….

It’s that powerful!

My cheeks are still sore from smiling and chuckling every time someone asks me what the magic formula is! Even if I wanted to tell you, I couldn’t! There is only 1 way to find out and your chance to join the chest-pounding, mountain-top-singing members of The Plan is coming soon my friend!

Right about now most people ask me:

Who is Dan Hollings?

Well for starters, he’s a super-smart dude with a history of predicting upcoming trends like the internet going mobile (and eCommerce on your phone) and internet marketing eclipsing traditional mediums….. and a lot more.

He was the marketing genius behind The Secret and managed to get it on The Oprah Show which solidified its blockbuster success.

He has coached over 30k students to sell successfully on Amazon using another little-known formula that has resulted in nearly $1M/month in revenue on the Amazon platform from his top students.

He has been working closely with Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos over at Rapid Crush for well over a decade now and until recently he was quietly toiling away on his secret trading plan for cryptocurrencies.

Just like Thomas Eddison, trying one filament after another until (after thousands of attempts) he discovered the one that would burn for over 12 hours, Dan Hollings has done the same and has cracked the crypto code for all of us!

So Dan definitely has ‘cred’ and the program he has created will change and improve the lives of many thousands of people in the years to come.


(feel free to scroll by this part if you already know about crypto and blockchain….)

Right. Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency that you can not crumple up and put in your pocket. They live online in the network and depending on where the market is at any given time, Bitcoin (the first and biggest) is usually the 3rd largest currency in the world. WOW!


Yes, you read that right: Bitcoin is the 3rd largest currency in the world!


Every day, more and more large (and small) companies around the world are adding cryptocurrencies to their holdings on their balance sheet, and more importantly starting to accept crypto as a method of payment. That’s huge!

In fact, the last time I checked Virgin Galactic will accept crypto so it just might take some of us to the moon after all, LOL!

I am awestruck to be honest because it feels like a full circle event has occurred. Did you know that hundreds of years ago legal tender in some parts of the world used to be large discs made of stone that people carried and rolled around? Can you imagine?

Yap, an island that is now part of Micronesia used these stones up until the early 20th century and they ranged in size from 1.5″ coins to the largest and most valuable at 12 feet tall, weighing 4,000 kgs!

They clearly became so big and cumbersome that other measures had to be created which became early forms of holding banks and credit notes.

Now here we are at the early stages of the possible vanishing of physical currency….. I find that fascinating! Back to today’s fascinating currency news.


First off, it is too far along to get shut down by a government or wiped off the internet somehow.

Cryptocurrencies are currently a 2 trillion dollar industry and Bitcoin alone has over a $700 BILLION dollar valuation, even now (Feb 2022) while it’s crashing!

Crypto is being bought and held by some of the largest corporations in existence today (including financial companies & institutions) and more and more companies are starting to accept crypto as a payment method.

Having said that governments do have the power to restrict the use of crypto in their jurisdiction as China did recently when it banned crypto and halted all crypto mining in the country.

Governments also have the power to embrace the future as El Salvadore did in June 2021 when they passed their Bitcoin Law declaring it legal tender in the country.

Looking closer at Bitcoin (BTC) specifically (the king of all cryptocurrencies) the colorful, jagged, upward trending line you see below in the stock-to-flow chart is what BTC has done since it came into existence in 2009. Despite numerous corrections and a whole-lotta-wigglin’ it has maintained a clear upward trend.

Given that BTC is currently the 3rd largest currency in the world and is worth over $700 BILLION dollars, it is highly unlikely that it would go to zero…..

With that said, it is possible that it could go to zero, but it’s not unlikely. It’s just about as unlikely for Google and Amazon stock to go to $0.00, but it’s really important to accept that investing in crypto is considered risky.

Just as investing in the stock market can be risky, and investing in real estate can be risky, investing in your brother-in-law’s cousin’s new shrimp shack can be risky…..

So always remember to only invest money you can afford to lose and do not bet the farm on this, or any other amazing opportunity!

I think I can guess your next question….


The value comes from the market which is made up of 100’s of millions of individuals like you and me, thousands of global companies, and even institutional investors have come to the table so crypto is experiencing leaps of growth continuously.

Look here at the sentiment from Wall Street…

(I don’t know about you, but I see a bull behind these headlines.)

A RECENT HISTORY OF BITCOIN: The biggest crypto coin which is often referred to as digital gold:

  • was at $63,729 in April 2021
  • drops down to $29,789 over the next couple of months
  • climbs back up to $48,867 by late August
  • followed by a few more large jumps to a mid-Sept price of $45,759
  • hits an all-time high of $69,044 on Nov 10, 2021
  • crashes to $49,161 on Dec 4, 2021
  • rallies around and goes even lower to $35,180 on Jan 23, 2022
  • and has been flirting with recovery for months

That first big drop was nearly $13,000 in 9 days and guess what???

I was still making money!

In full disclosure, my bots were not profiting the entire time and they NEVER will (with or without a crash) but I was making a lot better return than all the “buy & hold” investors.

I’ll explain further how these grid bots work, but for now just know that they are more profitable – more often than any other investment I am aware of.

Bloomberg.com reported “Bitcoin’s scarcity combined with “rampant money printing” by the Federal Reserve mean the digital token should eventually climb to about $400,000….”

When Forbes.com interviewed Plan B they reported that the stock to flow model was ‘remarkable accurate’. In fact, other sources have been quoted as saying it is the most accurate model they have ever seen of all asset classes.

We are seeing predictions that Bitcoin will see $100,000 and many strongly believe that will happen this year (2022). Others think it will go even bigger in the near future to the $130k-$400k range and eventually over $1M somewhere between 2025 – 2046. That’s crazy!

Bitcoin is just over a decade old. It first came into existence in 2009 and since then, the rocky ride has enjoyed a solid upward trend the entire time.

Bitcoin has outperformed every other major asset class during this time.

In case you want a closer look at the whole chart, courtesy of Charlie Bilello.

When you see data like this it’s a lot easier to understand and accept the lofty position that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are taking in today’s world.

There is an absolute ton of info out there on both crypto and blockchain and if you want to know more than this, please ask Mr Google……

In The Meantime Know This:

The combination of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have created what is being called a once in a 1,000-year opportunity.


This is an inevitable reality in the information age and, as is the case with most technological advancements that people often resist, we will all eventually be using it in some form whether we want to or not right now.

In the same way that your iPhone reduces its battery capacity until you finally give in and install the latest update, or that your favorite software provider limits new, anticipated functions to those who update or upgrade the software, there will be ‘tactics’ that are used to nudge & shove us into crypto land.

Right Now:

~ 100+ Million people & entities own crypto worldwide
~ it’s a $2 Trillion dollar industry
~ top companies worldwide are starting to accept crypto as a payment form
~ El Salvador is the first country to declare Bitcoin as legaltender after passing their own Bitcoin Law in June 2021
~ if you are a tax-paying resident of Bermuda you can pay with crypto!
~ Western Union and other remittance providers are quaking in their boots!

Here are a few companies who are already accepting Bitcoin today:


The granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies often referred to as digital gold and is currently just one of many coins (7,000 and growing).

At today’s valuation, all the Bitcoins that have been mined into existence so far are worth over $700 Billion dollars (and it’s predicted to continue to skyrocket in the coming months and years).

~ If BTC (Bitcoin’s trading symbol) was a company, it would be bigger than Bank of America, Netflix, Disney, Shopify, PayPal, and Coca-Cola.

~ It is already worth more than all of these behemoths put together: Bank of America, JP Morgan, and CITI.

~ BTC is currently the 3rd largest currency in the world.


The glue that holds it all together and gives it strength. Think of this as a digital ledger that is open to the public that records every cryptocurrency transaction.

It’s an open record book that lives in the network (online) so it’s ‘live & visible’ throughout the network all the time. Once an entry is made it’s permanent and can not be changed because it’s ‘live’ throughout the entire network, not just on one computer.

This is what gives it strength because, unlike our traditional centralized markets, the blockchain cannot be altered or falsified. No liquid paper or erasers (wink wink) or saved digital records that can be re-filtered or re-quantified, as traditional fiat currencies can.

Part of what makes the blockchain and crypto so strong is that it’s decentralized which means nobody owns or controls it.

The modern stock markets and governments in the world today are centralized which means they are governed and controlled by the people in power over them, many of whom have an agenda and the ability to manipulate investments, laws, restrictions, guidelines, etc. to their favor (and they often do).

With a decentralized system, nobody has that kind of power to manipulate. The market is what it is, not what it is fabricated to be. So in a very real way, cryptocurrencies are not only transparent but probably represent the truest market value of any asset class.

Hopefully, that gives you comfort in believing that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

“It is the combination of you being alive right now at this time in history when digital currency has naturally evolved and come to life, coupled with the fact that it lives on the permanent, unchangeable public record (the blockchain) that has created this immense opportunity for us today.” Heather Farrell

Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur Billionaire and his company; MicroStrategy is the single largest owner of Bitcoin in the world. In late August 2021 he tweeted that his company hodls (owns) 108,992 Bitcoins that he paid an average of $ 26,769 (nearly $3 Billion) for.

Mr. Saylor is the man who said that crypto is a once in a 1,000-year opportunity in a recent interview with Tom Bilyeu, another billionaire entrepreneur. If you would like to hear more about this fascinating conversation, I highly recommend listening to that discussion here.


Well, it certainly can be especially if your investment strategy is to try and time the market by buying low and selling high. Volatility is your worse nightmare when you’re hoping and praying for the price to go up!


#1 Did you know that the markets (on average) go sideways approx 80% of the time? That means there will be some steep ups and downs to say the least.

#2 Did you also know that over 90% of investors lose money in the markets?

Now thanks to Dan, the 2 most detrimental things about investing in the market that lose people money; VOLATILITY & UNPREDICTABLE PRICES, have been turned into benefits and have become the way we make money!

Look what happened over 10 months in 2017 when the price of BTC was lit on fire:



If that’s a problem for you, this is not for you!

The Plan Teaches You How To Take Profits More Often

“So what’s the problem with buy low, sell high? Isn’t that the way to make money on any investment?

Well, if we could do it consistently there would be no problem, but none of us reliably knows when the price is low or when the price is high. So timing the market is pure luck (or it’s insider trading).

The truth is nobody can accurately predict any market and if someone could, people would be throwing money at him/her, and loads of us would be getting rich! Sadly, this is not the case.

I would go so far as to say, trying to time the market is basically gambling. It’s a long shot, it’s a hope…. and hope is not a strategy. If you have a few bucks to throw at a hunch, that you’re not going to miss if (when) you lose, then go for it!

Not a solid plan you can rely on.

I most definitely would not stake my financial future on a hope, AKA a hot tip.

When I’m working directly with my clients helping them find the best online business model to match their personality and lifestyle, I often say:

“I do not have money to burn or time to waste at this stage of my life.” Heather Farrell

If you are in the same boat, you are going to feel like The Plan was custom-made just for you.


Glad you asked! Using what Dan teaches you in The Plan, you deploy a pre-programmed ‘ai army’ to buy & sell your crypto coins every time it moves up or down, something Dan refers to as ‘the wiggle’.

Crypto coins are wiggling up and down all day long, so your bots might buy & sell your coins several hundred times a day!

We don’t actually care, because this is the part where you’re off enjoying your life somewhere……


~ You start by following the easy step-by-step plan to pick two coins to trade together in one bot.

~ Then you give your ‘ai army’ their marching orders and they obediently carry out your trading plan; automatically buying and selling every time that certain prices are reached (going up or down) for either coin.

~ Every time your army sells at a profit, those profits are instantly removed from that trading bot and added to your balance.

So as long as your bot is running in the correct range, it will automatically buy & sell your positions and instantly deposit your profits into your balance, building up your passive income the entire time (without having to cash in your money-making bot!)

It’s a beautiful thing!!!

This is one example of how it worked for Jason Fladlien, crypto enthusiast and marketing genius behind The Plan…..

Here Is Another Example:

I can hear that voice in your head saying “Yeah but what if I don’t know what orders to give my ai army?!”


That’s exactly what The Plan is going to teach you to do, and I haven’t even told you the best part…….

There are built-in fail-safes so that when the market moves, your ai army knows what to do and automatically readjusts your position, all while you’re relaxing by the pool or out playing golf somewhere.

~ This is a set & forget system.

~ It requires minimal training.

~ It takes less than 1 hour/week to run.

WARNING: Please do not make the mistake of thinking this is a guaranteed cash machine that will always spit out profits and never take a loss.

The Plan teaches us how to reduce the losses using your ai army that is ready to deploy countermeasures the moment that predetermined price thresholds are crossed. This also happens automatically while you’re at the beach or out on the back nine;)))

Dan says when using his system, you only need to profit 65% of the time to make a boatload of money using The Plan.

In late 2021, I was told that a random focus group of The Plan students are currently running at around 84% profitability, which should explain why Plan members are so downright giddy!



I have 2 separate accounts going….

#1 started with $3,000.

At 9 days old it is averaging about $118/day profit ($1068 / 9 days).

Which is 35.6%!

Compound that over 30 days and it would be $3,540 profit, or 118% return.

The second account (below) at 5 weeks old and has profited $3,800 overall in this time. (That’s an average of $108/day).

*Please remember results are not guaranteed.

The best thing is that my profits have already been added to my balance and are available for me to do whatever I want with AND my original investment is still intact and continuing to trade on autopilot, making more profits!

One of the things I like the most about The Plan (there are so many) is that I can start enjoying my profits NOW not decades from now when the investment matures…..

Have A Look At This One:

I found a trading pair that looked interesting so I jumped in, and it turned into an overnight bot-rocket!

*These results are not typical and everyone’s results will vary.It started here:

Then it grew to this:


So when people ask me if I think The Plan is worth it….


The passive income (bot profits) just keeps spinning off of my bots and gets added to my balance constantly (without closing down the trade).

If You Really Want To Be Impressed Have A Look At Some Of Dan’s Very Own Results:

But first, remember that:

And while Dan was doing nothing last year, this was happening on autopilot…..

Oops…. here’s Dan doing nothing again!


Well, it’s pretty easy actually. You devote a small amount of time to learn The Plan and then even less to ‘run’ it.

Phase 1 of The Plan is 6 sessions long. Dan delivers them in video format to make it easier to learn by watching live demonstrations. Every member will get lifetime access to the training in their own online member’s portal which will also include many extra resources to help flatten out the learning curve.

Want To Have An Exclusive Look Behind The Curtain And See

What’s Included In The Plan?

Extensive section for depositing fiat into crypto land. Both US residents and international students (over 100 countries and counting) to fund their accounts.

How to transfer to and from exchanges and wallets.

There are updates and new resources added regularly. Recordings are available for all ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions where The Plan faculty answers students’ questions live.

As you can see, the member’s area is loaded with resources to help you get started.


#1 The complete training takes approx 15 hours and is available on-demand in the members portal (video speed can be increased) for you to watch & re-watch at your convenience.

#2 Set up will take a couple of hours depending on where you live and which exchange you choose to go with.

#3 You will need less than 1 hour/week to set up and maintain your bot automations.


This is the part where you walk away and live your life while the bot profits are automatically deposited into your account.


(I don’t know Oscar, I think I could get used to it. LOL!)

#4 Your exchange account is in your name.

#5 You are 100% in control of your money at all times and can cash out and walk away without penalty whenever you want.

#6 Nobody is advising you how to invest, you are learning how to use a proven system on a software platform that will trade cryptocurrencies for you.

#7 There is very little ‘tech’ and setup required to do this.

Please Remember:


Yes it does sound amazing, doesn’t it!!!!


You could lose everything if you forget the password to your wallet or exchange account.

This has happened before and sadly, there are millions of dollars worth of crypto that have been lost forever.

SOLUTION: Follow the advice in The Plan for password management and safe practices.

You could get careless with your security protocols and be susceptible to email phishing schemes if you click on dodgy links.

SOLUTION: Follow The Plan protocols and save legit the links to everything crypto-related in your browser and only use those secure links to access any crypto-related sites you use rather than clicking links in emails.

You could get a little punch-drunk-crazy and go outside the parameters of The Plan and try your own play which could open you up to potential risks that the rest of us are protected from.

SOLUTION: Stick to The Plan.

You could decide to try and do this on your own.

I see this all the time. People watch a free training on something that teaches them the framework for how to do ‘a thing’, and they think they can venture off alone and duplicate the results.

Can you do it alone? Maybe? Do you have $5M and 3 years to figure it out? That’s what it took Dan to come up with The Plan and he is a really smart, strategic & technical thinker. Not that you aren’t 😉

One thing I absolutely know for sure, people are out there trying to duplicate what Dan has done and so far no one has even come close even after they find out what tools Dan uses and what the overall strategy is.

Considering the kind of money that can quite easily be made using this system, the investment is so low it’s laughable.

SOLUTION: Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars and years of time toiling away alone and come and join us chest-pounding, mountain top singing Plan members instead!

You get caught on the wrong side of a leveraged coin.

Leverage in the markets is like tip-toeing through a minefield to an inexperienced investor. You do have the chance of making mega returns AND mega losses.

SOLUTION: Stay away from leveraged coins unless or until you fully understand how to use them safely.

Crypto could go to zero.

It is possible, just as the US dollar could, The Dow Jones, S&P 500 could, the value of real estate could go beyond zero if you can’t sell and still must pay fees, loans, or utilities, etc. Ask me how I know about this one :((( There are no guarantees and you should not invest money you can not afford to lose.

SOLUTION: Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Other Options:

1. Diversify your investment strategies.

2. Take profit off the table to replenish your capital investment so you are eventually only trading with the profits you have made, making it impossible to lose your original investment because it’s already back in your pocket. (This is an optional strategy).

Your bots are not making much profit.

So far, 100% of Dan’s students who are following The Plan are profiting. If you adjusted the settings for some reason, or if a bot falls out of range (which does happen sometimes) then your bots may not perform as well as usual. This is not a big deal and certainly is no cause to panic.

Also, there are times when the entire market is slow. We see this pretty much every summer in the stock market…..

SOLUTION: Using the information you learn in The Plan and be prepared for some slow periods throughout every year (this will happen).

The coins you HODL (hold for the long term) could jump up & down in value.

This would be normal because the crypto market is extremely volatile no matter which strategy you choose. For bot trading, we love the ups and downs and make steady profits from it. When you buy and hold you must focus on the long-term plan which means the day-to-day price is irrelevant.

SOLUTION: Don’t watch the price every day and remember you never take a loss (on ANYTHING) unless you sell, so stick to your plan and wait it out.

You will probably owe more in taxes.

This is not a problem actually but I put it here where I know you will read it! If you owe more taxes, that means you made more money which is a good thing. The money you will have left in your pocket after taxes is money you didn’t have before The Plan, so you’re ahead and this is a win!

SOLUTION: Pay your taxes with a giant smile on your face and spend or invest the rest.

There is a hidden cost.

The software platform Dan uses costs between $57 – $123 usd/mo and you need a monthly subscription.

SOLUTION: Get a membership and start learning and trading with a demo account even before you have real money on the line.

The wizards of Wall Street might come up with their own way to invest in crypto.

Good! I hope they do. The more people and entities that are in the crypto market, the better it is for all of us because it will become bigger and even more liquid.

SOLUTION: Stick to The Plan and maintain your own control over this investment that enjoys minimal fees and full transparency (something Wall Street can never boast about).

There may be a time when you choose a lesser-known, newer coin that might not be super liquid and you might have to wait to buy or sell it.

So liquidity in any market means you have a ready buyer and a ready seller. The market price is the asking price and in a highly liquid market, the commodity can be bought and sold instantly because there is a long line of both buyers and sellers.

Think of a farmer’s market on a hot summer’s day in a nice little town that is renowned for having the best watermelons and everybody loves them! Loads of farmers are selling their melons and loads of people come out to buy them. The watermelons are highly liquid.

One farmer in the next vegetable standover is selling radishes, but most of the people here don’t really like radishes for some reason so there are a lot fewer buyers. So this farmer must wait for the occasional radish lover to come in and buy them. The watermelons are highly liquid, but the radishes are not. Certain coins can be the same way.

SOLUTION: Wait for the market to fill your order. If you don’t like that uncertainty, only choose coins that are more liquid and rank between 1 – 500.

Your exchange will charge transaction fees.

The fees are automatically taken off before you see your profits which is great. Fee’s vary amongst exchanges but they are significantly lower than anything we see in our traditional, centralized markets.

SOLUTION: Don’t worry about it, this is a cost of doing business.

Elon might drop a Twitter bomb and tank the market.

Well since he has done it before, Elon or some other person or thing could do the same in the future. I’m pretty sure crypto will continue to see huge drops and huge gains because that’s what it has done so far….. and most likely what it will continue to do going forward. In fact, the market has taken 3 x 30%+ drops in 10 years (and is working on another as I type) so I’d say the odds are pretty good it will happen again.

SOLUTION: Don’t torture yourself by watching the news on crypto constantly because it will continue to be full of FUD (fear, uncertainty, Doubt).

REMEMBER all the negative (and positive) news you hear about crypto adds to the volatility which is what we want.

That’s what keeps our coins wiggling and the passive income rolling in!


I’m so glad you asked because I LOVE the answer to this one:



When your bots sell for a profit, the earnings are automatically put into your available balance at your exchange and you can do whatever you want with your profits.


#1 Withdraw the capital into your real-world fiat bank account and do whatever you like with the money.

#2 Re-invest your earnings into another bot or another crypto strategy.

#3 Spend the crypto online with other providers to buy products and services from the ever-growing list of companies who accept crypto as a form of payment.


~ Your account is in your name.

~ You control everything.

– Your bot profits are separated and paid out to you instantly many times a day while your bot keeps on working.

~ There are no restrictions or penalties to closing a bot down and withdrawing your investment capital. In this regard, your investment is totally liquid.


PLEASE BEWARE of investment schemes that take your cash for a ‘position’ in an investment pool that is shared among a number of investors, that you never own, and that you pay steep penalties to cash in early. These rarely pay off for investors like you and me and most people will outright lose their investment. These are the crypto scams that tarnish the entire market.


I know that it can feel like a lot of work to take control of your finances (or even part of them) and it can be really tempting to hand it all over to someone else to manage for you. Let this be your opportunity to take back some of the control and some of your power!

This training is the equivalent of a weekend of your time that could seriously alter and improve your financial future, and could even change the quality of your life forever.


Of the thousands of Dan’s students, who are all at different stages of the program, on average 84% of them have been profiting at any given time.

That is unheard of.



The returns that Dan’s students are getting as beginners are outstanding!

These are people just like you and most of them were new to crypto.

Slides provided by the Rapid Crush team.

Before Beta 1 was released, Dan’s first endeavor in teaching The Plan to others was with just a handful of people who happily paid him $10k each to learn what has now been synthesized into the program you will get access to.

The line was so long of people wanting to learn this system from Dan that he had to shut the doors because he did not have the capacity to teach them all, and so the early inklings of The Plan were born.


Right now Dan’s students are at various stages of learning and execution and even as complete beginners, they are profitable well over 3/4’s of the time.





The recommended investment into your personal exchange account to purchase a bot you own and control is: *$3,000-$5,000 /bot.

*This capital will stay in your name and your control at all times.


You will need a monthly membership for the software platform Dan uses to set up your ai army!

*$57/mo for up to 5 bots

*$123/mo for up to 20 bots

*Subject to change from 3rd party provider.

The Total Cost To Get Started With The Plan Now:

*Your investment capital is ALWAYS in your name, under your control, and managed by you. You can withdraw your funds anytime you wish.



Let me just say you would not be alone in that! There have been loads of people who already came into the program (even under the payment plan) with the intention of learning while they save the rest up – and this is an excellent strategy!

#1 it’s a forced savings program, and

#2 you will also learn about a way to save your money much faster than in your bank account!

My suggestion is if you have the means to get into The Plan now (in full or on the payment plan) then do it and start taking the training, learning, and practicing with a demo account now while you save up the rest of the money you need to trade your first bot.

By the way, I personally know over a dozen people (myself included) who earned the course fee back within a month or two of live investing.

Here are 2 from my community who recouped their plan fee with bot profits inside of 2 months! Congratulations you guys!!!!

So I honestly don’t recommend waiting to save up the money before joining, and here’s why:

~ All that valuable ‘training time’ will be lost if you’re not in The Plan and learning in demo mode now while you’re saving up your money.

~ Saving up the additional funds for the investment will be a much bigger priority if you have some skin in the game. It’s like a forced savings plan.

~ Life happens and it’s easy to get sidetracked these days and this is IMPORTANT!

Remember that there is a strategic advantage to being trained and ready to go the minute your resources allow for it…. That’s called PREPARATION ;)))

Not only will you be an early adopter as a cryptocurrency investor, but you will also be PREPARED and armed with the lowest risk strategy that exists to make passive income off crypto volatility.

Do You Already Have Money In Cryptocurrencies?

It is possible to use existing crypto coins as your investment capital for the bot(s). Dan teaches us how to do this in The Plan.


Of Course!!!! Have A Look At Dan’s Bonuses:

Dan’s Coin Pair Recommendation (CPR) Is An Exclusive Bonus That You Will Get 2 Months For Free

…….. “Not to be rude Heather, but is that it?”

Not by a long shot!

What Are The Best Plan Bonuses?

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The Fast Track Bonus System for The Plan

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-LIFETIME Access To Thriving Facebook Community-

Value: Priceless!

Join your tribe in this private community (350+ people from over 30 countries) where support and answers are just a click away. Start in the beginner’s group and graduate to the Alumni once you’re ready. Both groups are thriving and we have a dedicated page for “COIN PAIR SHARING” where members openly share their bot pairs and research data. Support, communication, strategies, and coin pairs all at your fingertips and best of all, it’s FREE FOR LIFE!

Fast Track Bonus System #2

-ONGOING Direct Support From Heather & The Community via Text & DM-

Value: $725

Reach out to me directly (and in the group) to ask any questions that come up for you. You will get FAST answers (sometimes instant) to your questions so you’re not held back with tech, settings, process, order of things to do, exchange (or country) specific questions. You’ll get the answers you need, when you need them so you don’t lose your momentum! I will be at your disposal and our global community is there 24/7!

Fast Track Bonus System #3

-My Personal Tracking Templates-

Value: $397

Get the specialized spreadsheets you will need to keep track of your trading and personal details. Includes BOTH: a printable pdf version and access to the google sheet so that you can edit and customize. Think of this as your crypto tracking system that has already been thought out and battle-tested for effectiveness. The best thing is if there is anything you want to change, add, or delete you can do it in seconds rather than having to create them from scratch.

Fast Track Bonus System #4

-An Expats Guide To Taking Your Crypto Investing Off Shore-

Value: $497 (at least)

I am not a financial advisor or tax specialist, but I have lived overseas for 21 years where I started, ran and sold several international businesses. I will share my first-hand knowledge of how I structured my businesses in the most tax advantageous way and how I set up my crypto trading business. I can not make any promises or guarantees but I do believe the knowledge I have will save time and money for anyone who is operating abroad, or who wants to do what they can to legally reduce their taxes on crypto earnings.

Fast Track Bonus System #5

-10% – 25% OFF The Essential Best Rated Tax Tracking Software-

Value: $100s – $1000s

Something nobody talks much about is taxes! But we are all going to have to report our crypto earnings and the transactions, which will be numerous. This software will automate things for you, it’s easy to use, and is a leader in this space and I’ll hook you up with the best deal!

Fast Track Bonus System #6

WEEKLY Live Q&A Calls

Value: $900

Live group calls with Heather and your Merry Band Of Crypto Traders community. You will get your hand-held in these early stages, right when you need it the most! Get your urgent questions answered and watch live demos of various things that may otherwise hold you back. Pre-submit questions or show up live on the weekly calls (recorded and available on-demand in the group). You will not get this “VIP Treatment” anywhere else!

Fast Track Bonus System #7

-Find Out How I Made $6,000 In 6 Days-

Value: $1,297

Get the inside look at this coin pairing where I will reveal:

⇒ the exact settings I used

⇒ the actual coin pairing

⇒ how I found this opportunity

Not many people know that I actually found this opportunity several days before it became a recommendation in Dan’s CRP service, and I will share my system with you!

Fast Track Bonus System #8

-Watch A NEW Bot Be Constructed From Start To Finish-

Value: $397 (+ Hours Of Time)

I will open up my account live and show you the entire process to researching and identifying a coin opportunity, right through to charting it out and starting it live. I’ll take you through the entire step-by-step process and you can re-watch the recording whenever you like

Fast Track Bonus System #9

-Trade Plan Template-

Value: $497

Use this finely crafted template to map out your trade plan and remove the guesswork of how to handle changes in the market and what to do when. All The Plan guidelines have been conveniently assembled for your fast reference. This is the ultimate reference tool for all The Plan settings.

Fast Track Bonus System #10

-ONGOING Access To My “Seasoned” Trading Account-

Value: Priceless

PLUS watch what I do as I invest new capital into live bots! You will have 24/7 view-only access to my account so you can see every coin pairing I have and watch them trade and grow. This is a great way for you to watch and learn how to manage several bots (10+) and can really help to speed up your training.

Fast Track Bonus System #11 ⇒Major Time Saver⇐

-Cliffnotes Version Of The Entire Course-

Value: $1997+

Quickly find exactly what you need, when you need it with this incredible, time-saving reference document of the top Plan takeaways.

This exclusive & valuable bonus is not offered anywhere else!

*available in May

Fast Track Bonus System #12 ⇒Major Time Saver⇐

-ON DEMAND How-To Video Library-

Value: $797

Use this library of short, demo videos to help you quickly carry out various actions you will need to take at some point (like converting cryptocurrencies). Watch live demos anytime you need them and follow along step by step to make sure nothing is missed, and you don’t waste time trying to remember and figure it out on your own.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

None of these bonuses are meant to replace Dan’s actual training

BUT Bonus 11 & 12 are the SUPER FAST TRACK

that can help you get demo bots going in just a few hours!


⇒You Can Surge Ahead When With This Fast Track Bonus System⇐

Here’s the catch:

The only way to get these bonuses is to enroll through me and it is my pleasure to invite you to come and join my Merry Band Of Crypto Traders where you will get the support you need from me, and a thriving community of 100’s other members just like you.


New To Crypto?

If you’re worried about getting started as a beginner, these bonuses and support are exactly what you need so you don’t waste time being lost in the weeds… and so you can get setup and get that passive income rolling in!

Watch this video to see a complete breakdown of every single bonus Heather is offering!


Have a look at what some members are saying about The Plan & Heather’s bonuses:


STEP 1: Clear Your Cookies


On the Kartra payment page look for: referrer: heather2020 to make sure you are joining with Heather.

STEP 3: Email HEATHER@LEGITEBIZ.COM And Ask For Your Bonuses

You must use this link and email Heather in order to get these bonuses!



“$6,500 is a lot of money right now, I don’t think I can come up with it.”

I hear you and it is a lot of money, it is also worth every penny. Let’s remember that $3,000 of this is the actual investment that you are going to earn passive income from.

The investment capital ($3000) will always be in your name and controlled 100% by you and you can use existing crypto coins you own to fund this portion.

The cost of the training program is so undervalued it really isn’t even funny! Dan’s first students paid him $10-$25k each to learn this directly from him. This was before Dan had run people through his system, and before he had proof from people like you and me. Proof-like you saw above in the case studies.

The truth is, if you don’t have the money to buy the things you want in life, that’s a problem. Whether it’s a gorgeous handbag, an expensive meal out, or a dream home…

The Plan is the first program I have seen that can actually pay for itself within weeks of starting your investing (if not sooner). The learning and application curve is that fast and most people literally start profiting on day 1.

Like I mentioned earlier, I personally know at least a dozen people who fully recouped their investment in The Plan within weeks of getting their bots running. For me, it was only 10 days before I had my investment back!

Of course, this is not a promise and it may very well take longer, but profits start accumulating automatically as soon as your bot starts wiggling (that aspect is built right in).

“I need to talk to my spouse about this.”

Absolutely! I encourage all my clients to watch the free training webinar with their spouses. This way you can both understand what the opportunity is, AND what it isn’t.

Please ask your spouse to read this read review and check out my Official Video Review as well:

Let’s be honest, these days when people hear “crypto” most of us instantly think scam thanks to all those shady investment pools so many people fell prey to.

The easiest way to see this for the legit opportunity it is, is watching Dan and Jason in action as they teach us the basics in the free training.

I am more than happy to get on a zoom call with you (and your spouse) to answer any questions you may have about The Plan (I’m a proud & successful beta 1 member from May!).


I WILL OFFER ONE WORD OF CAUTION THOUGH: I have seen this happen many times when an excited partner who just watched the training or read this Official Review tried to explain it all to a leery spouse.


Rather than taking it on yourself to try and explain something you may not fully understand yet, let me, Dan, or Jason do it!

MY SUGGESTION: Say something like this to your spouse….

I have just come across something that I think could be an amazing opportunity for us and I think it could really change and improve our lives and our financial future. I would like for you to (either) watch the training or join me on a zoom call with Heather so she can explain it and answer questions that I can’t.

Optional if it is true for you: I’m excited and I know I have been excited in the past about other opportunities that might not have worked out as well as I had hoped for whatever reason…. and I’m asking you to believe in me one more time.

“This sounds great Heather but I don’t have time to go through the training.”

Ok, time for some real talk. If you can’t spare the equivalent of a weekend to learn a skill that will improve the quality of your life forever, then we need to revisit your priorities my friend. Dan’s students are from all walks of life, from 104 countries (and counting), are business owners, entrepreneurs, people with day jobs, moms & dads, and caregivers…… some who already have more on their plate than they should, but recognize this for the once in a lifetime opportunity IT IS.

I’m guessing at least 30% of the existing students are A LOT busier than you or I, and probably another 40% are equally as busy, but they made a commitment to themself and rearranged their calendar, or stayed up late, or declined an invite or two, in order to create the small amount of time it takes to get trained to change their financial future forever.

The truth is that time is an illusion anyway. We all have the same amount of it yet some people manage to get huge masses of things accomplished with their daily allotment, while others, not so much.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

It’s simple actually, it’s part habit and part focus/drive (and zero time actually). When you are in the habit of filling your time doing meaningful things that will enrich or improve your life it’s easier to keep that ball rolling and always have a few things on the go.

I always say:

“Guard your momentum like it’s money in the bank!”

Heather Farrell

The focus/drive side of the equation can be a bit of a rabbit hole but let me suffice to say, I’ve never met a human who didn’t want more of something. The fact you are on this page and reading this far down absolutely assures that you want to improve your financial future and so far, The Plan has done that for 100% of the people using it.

Contrary to what you are secretly hoping, you will not wake up one day and suddenly find that you have more spare time. In fact, it will likely be just the opposite. That means each one of us must choose our priorities and utilize our time accordingly.

If you see the value and want to take this course, decide now what you will temporarily sacrifice for it in order to create the time for this. I guarantee it will be worth it. (That is one promise I can make, LOL!)

By the way, the complete training program is the equivalent of a weekend of your time! Do you think your financial wellbeing is worth a weekend?

“It all sounds great but I don’t think it will work for me because I’m…. [fill in any reason].”

So many of us do this ourselves….. load up real or imagined shortcomings or circumstances that are keeping us stranded on the other side of a washed-out bridge from all the good things we want in life.

We often think that other people find success when we don’t because they are smarter, or better looking, or have more connections, or more money, or live on a better street, or have a better job, or a nicer car………

We mistakenly look at these external indicators and think that somehow pre-qualifies other people to do better at something than we will.

The truth is, they are feeling the exact same way you are!

“Don’t feel qualified? Nobody does. You can only be qualified to do that which you have already accomplished or trained for. Anything new is accomplished by unqualified people.”

James Clear, author of the bestseller Atomic Habits

We all naturally feel uncomfortable before starting something new, this is a normal physical and biological response to change. If you have ever wondered why it’s because our subconscious mind is trying to keep us safe at all times and it does not know if a new thing is safe or dangerous, so better not to try.

That’s why it can sometimes feel so hard to PUSH THROUGH that feeling of uncertainty and try something new.

So if you are feeling like The Plan will work for everyone except for you, please remember this:

Pssst… Remember my overnight bot-rocket I mentioned above…..

First it made $741 profit in 17:44 hours…

Then it when to $908 in 24 hours…

Then it grew more to $2,955 in 2 days 14 hours…

Well….. look at it a few days later!!!

That’s $3,277 profit in under 3 days on an investment of $3,910.


At this rate I’ll get 100% of my investment capital back within the next day or so!





[UPDATE] !!!

I figured it would be easier to show you a short video I made about this trade instead of posting more screenshots….

* In 16 days this trade made $9,505!

PLEASE NOTE: These results are not typical and this is not a promise of what you can expect. (They are just super freaking awesome when they happen!!!!)

If you have questions or comments please email heather@legitebiz.com or comment here on this Youtube version of the OFFICIAL REVIEW

STEP 1: Clear Your Cookies


On the Kartra payment page look for: referrer: heather2020 to make sure you are joining with Heather.

STEP 3: Email HEATHER@LEGITEBIZ.COM And Ask For Your Bonuses

You must use this link and email Heather in order to get these bonuses!

Wishing you a good strong edge to pull yourself up to a new elevated level, in all that you do.


The Expat Entrepreneur

Online business expert specializing in matching people and their resources with the best business model to offer that individual the highest chance of succeeding. She is also a skilled digital marketer who promotes programs and services that she has personally vetted to her inner circle.

DISCLAIMERThe information on this page is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be investment or financial advice. We are not financial advisors, accountants, tax specialists, or lawyers. Like any investment in the markets, you could lose all of the money you invest, and should you choose to pursue an investment in cryptocurrencies it is highly advised that you only invest money you can afford to lose. You must do your own research (DYOR) and consult a licensed authority in your jurisdiction for professional advice. We may receive commissions (at no additional cost to you) when you click our link(s) and make a purchase. However, this does not impact our belief in the quality of the products we recommend.

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