Top Online Business Opportunities for 2023: Profit Singularity Ultra Review

14 Jan 2023
online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra

Are you tired of not knowing which online business opportunities for 2023 are legit, or which ones are the best?

Believe it or not, I understand completely!

When I was running my Amazon business from 2014 – 2020 I was constantly bombarded with emails showing me the latest tools and training for dozens of online business opportunities that would help me to make more sales and keep more profit.

Often times I found myself feeling angry by the end of the email because they seemed to come so fast that I seldom had time to finish the training from the last one. What’s more, I certainly didn’t have time to implement the new system before the next latest and greatest tool or training came out.

I soon came to discover this is actually how I know I’m in the right place because if someone figured out a faster, more efficient way, or created a new or better tool to get something done I needed to know.

Whether it be Amazon or running ads on Youtube if there is a new, legit way to make money online I want to know about it. My next step is to go through the program and make sure it’s not a scam, and only then can I comfortably endorse it and offer it to my people.

I refuse to ‘back’ any program, tool, or service that does not do what it says it will, or falls short of the claims made by the creators. There are so many truly excellent programs out there, why on earth would I ever get behind anything that doesn’t measure up?

The answer is I wouldn’t. The truth is there is an abundance of really great online business opportunities for 2023 and training programs that are so well done, a complete beginner could learn it and succeed with it. So when I hone in on one to showcase, you can rest assured it’s damn good!

Here’s the rub. All online business opportunities for 2023 need to be worked on.

I have seen many instances where ‘claims of a scam’ were really just the absence of work. So nothing happened and results were not made, and “It’s a scam!”…. Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way.

None of these legit online business opportunities will do all the work for you.

With that said, things are going to change a lot this year now that a.i. has advanced to where it is currently. I suspect it will continue to advance literally forever but today, it’s a new, massively helpful tool that simply can not be ignored.

So amidst the plentiful, legitimate online business opportunities that I will make you aware of this year, we start with one that has me so excited that I’m jumping in with both feet.

Enter Profit Singularity Ultra

Profit Singularity is very intriguing, and it has a huge edge. I have already gone through the program and after doing so, I decided not only to promote it, but to do this business on the side myself. I will be starting it later this month.



online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra 3 step system

True costs:

The program is 1 x $2,497 -or- 3 x $997

(they also have a 6-month free with PayPal credit as well)

The program includes 6 months FREE access to VidBot which is an essential a.i. software program that does 90% of the work to create the mini web pages and the videos.

After the 6 months has passed this will obviously become a paid service and currently costs $97/mo.

online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra offer to join


The biggest consideration for this model is that it requires you to run video ads on Youtube. (You do not need to be in any of the videos) The suggestion is to start with $20 ads and get rid of the ones that don’t work, and double down on the ones that do.

Once you get a winner you throw as much as you can at the ad because it’s driving a large volume of sales back to the sales page for the product you chose to promote. There are thousands of excellent programs and services out there you can promote, so you don’t have to create any of them or service the customers who buy.

Why this works:

You’re a middleman who found a buyer with a need and pointed them to an excellent solution they decided to purchase.

The initial suggested ad budget is $1,000. You will use that over several videos to find a winner and then turn your profits back into the next one and build up your reserves.

You’ll want to have those reserves (or credit) available to deploy because once you get an ad that is really working well, you will want to spend as much money on the ads as you possibly can because every dollar of ad spend puts profit in your pocket.

This works amazingly well, especially right now when ads on YouTube remain quite open. This is no longer the case with Facebook and google and at some point, Youtube will likely tighten up their policies as well. That’s why now is the time to run with this one.

The other thing that makes the timing superb is that it heavily uses a.i. which is something you will start hearing about constantly. It has just now, this month reached a point of development where it’s becoming mainstream and from now on it will become a bigger and bigger part of our lives (like it or not).

As I See It, The Downside & Risks Are:

  • It will most likely require several attempts before you strike on a winning video. Although one newbie from last year made $6k within his first 10 days of starting. Obviously not typical, but ALL the newbies from 2022 who did the work were profiting within 3 months.

That is very unusual and is an extremely high success rate.

  • Ad costs are bound to go up in time, but that can be said for any platform that converts well and is the reason you need very deep pockets to advertise on Facebook today. The days are gone when amateurs or lightly funded people can test out some ads on Facebook. Most people in those two categories will lose every dime.
  • At some point (which is likely a couple of years away) Youtube may decide to tighten up its ad policies and there may be some categories they regulate or disallow like losing weight with supplements or making money selling used cars for example.

What Sets Profit Singularity Apart From Online Business Opportunities for 2023:

  • It is one of the fastest programs to get started with and a complete beginner can start profiting within 3 months or less. Many of last year’s newbies were profiting before they even finished the course.
  • This business model has an incredibly high potential for profit and can be scaled to infinity if you want. People just like you are making anywhere from $100/day to $50,000+/day.

Clickbank verified that last year $122 MILLION in commissions were paid out to the students of this program. Here is the letter they wrote confirming that:

online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra clickbank letter

These Are Newbies Who Made Over $122 MILLION Last Year

Using The System Taught In Profit Singularity Ultra

online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra clickbank students
  • The entire course is built around using a.i. which is leveraged to do 90% of the work for you.

So this is easily something you can do on the side and does not require

full-time hours to be successful with.

  • It takes advantage of the secret loophole with YouTube that is not available anywhere else, and (most likely) will not exist forever.
  • You do not need to be in any of the videos.

Most programs that teach other online business opportunities either take a lot more work upfront to potentially make a few hundred dollars, or you can make even less than that within a couple of weeks.

So you need to ask yourself where is your time better spent?

How much time do you actually have to devote to a side hustle?

Possibly the most important question is if you can apply the same effort to 2 different businesses, which one has the most potential for the highest reward?

As you may know by now, that’s what I’m about.

My motto:

I want to expel the least amount of effort on the thing with the highest potential.

online business opportunities for 2023 - profit singularity ultra offer to join


Get These Bonuses When You Enroll Now

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