Enneagram Test For Entrepreneurs -REVIEW- How To Use This Tool To Improve Your Business And Life

1 May 2022

How this personality test can improve your quality of life.

This is one of those topics that people are drawn to, like a moth to a flame.
Most of us are very interested to learn more about our personality, our character traits, strengths and even weaknesses if for no other reason than to see how accurate we think the results are.

I can remember back when learning about your zodiac sign was all the rage. Books and guides to better understand your sign and which ones you are compatible with were published in droves and it seemed like every household had one!

Today, personality tests are widely used by both businesses and individuals as a fast way to get a glimpse inside that beautiful brain of yours. If you have already done the Enneagram, or decide to complete it in the future you will get many new insights that few of us were aware of prior to reading our customized report.

This is by far the most comprehensive assessment I have ever taken and I have completed several including:

Myers Briggs

Kolbe A

and a couple of other lesser-known tests.

What impresses me most about the Enneagram is that your 40+ page report goes into great detail about your particular type (from 1 to 9) along with the influences of the next 2 closest types and how they all play off of each other in a multitude of scenarios.

The results I received from other assessments were not nearly as detailed and did not allow for cross-over in the typing which I feel is a shortcoming on their part.

There are 17 key areas that are delved into and 8 development exercises, each with several suggestions on ways to move forward or directions to go in. This is excellent because it allows individuals to process the data in a meaningful way while being guided on how to start moving forward without having to consult a practitioner to decipher the results.

This particular assessment tool can also be extremely effective to use in the workplace in team environments to create a cohesive unit of people who are better equipped to work together.

Outside of the workplace when left to our own devices, there are many people who will prefer to take the test and interpret the results on their own rather than expending time and money while exposing themselves to another human being.

Of course, it is always preferable to consult a certified professional whenever possible because they can be tremendously helpful in assisting you to find not only what is obvious, but also the subtleties that can often lead to bigger breakthroughs.

My primary function with my clients is to help them identify the perfect online business type that matches their personality, resources, and lifestyle. The reason we do this work up-front is so that people can get on their right path right now and save themselves (potentially) tens of thousands of dollars in capital, and years of time that can be lost chasing down the wrong business.

Sadly for me, I have intimate knowledge of this topic and I know firsthand what a toll it can take to lose years and $$$$ on the wrong path while trying to push boulders uphill…. The financial strain, the lost time we can never get back….. the strip it tears off of your confidence and overall level of enjoyment in life….. It’s a lot, and if you’re serious about being an entrepreneur or small business owner, there is a lot at stake when you decide to “give something a try and see what happens”.

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So when the day came for me to step into new territory I was not going to make the same mistake again, which was jump in feet first on the back of a great sales pitch! This time I would evaluate all my legit options and decide from there. The only problem was that the evaluation tool I needed did not yet exist, so I created it.

At the time I had no intention of sharing it. I was creating it out of personal necessity, however, what I spun into existence was so comprehensive and helpful that I soon realized it did need to be made public to helps others, and The Legit eBusiness Assessment TM was born.

The point I am going the long way around to make here is that with anything in life there is an easy way and a hard way. You can probably think of examples of both in your own life right now. For example, I know I intentionally take the hard way when I do my own video editing rather than having a VA take care of it because it drains some of my time that can be better utilized elsewhere. On the other hand, I take the easy way every time I buy pre-made salad which means we eat salad nearly every night instead of “never” because I don’t like chopping all that veg.

In the case of figuring out what makes you tick, what holds you back, and what propels you forward you can do it the hard way by spending your lifetime analyzing yourself, hoping to compile a personal playbook, or you can take the easy way by completing a personal assessment like the Enneagram. In fact, you can go further still down that easy path and have a certified professional assist you with interpreting the results.

There is no extra credit for taking the hard path. You will not get more time, more money, more cred by going the hard way. In most cases, it’s just the opposite.

So start keeping an eye out for the easy way and take it! Conserve your resources for other important things you want to do in life even if it’s taking a needed nap or an afternoon off!

In closing, I highly recommend the Enneagram assessment tool to anyone who is working on being a better human. If you are interested in taking it, reach out to heather to see if she has any free links left! heather@legitebiz.com

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Wishing you the utmost success in all your ventures!


The Expat Entrepreneur

Online business expert with a unique approach to empowering women to find their business personality type by matching up their skills, personality, and lifestyle. Peer-reviewed tools are utilized including the Enneagram Assessment and the Legit eBusiness Assessment where the pros and cons of 15 legit online business models are compared (including The Plan).

Heather specializes in matching people and their resources with the best business model to offer that individual the highest chance of succeeding. She is also a skilled digital marketer who promotes programs and services that she has personally vetted to her inner circle.

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