The Case For and Against Crypto: What You Really Need to Know About

11 Oct 2022

Crypto Investing

. . . Question: How many legitimate opportunities do you think you have missed because you ignored the signs or failed to get informed? Now the real question is; how much do you think you may have lost due to your indifference? Don’t let this be another one of those times – at the very least get informed then make your call. . . .

Recently I was flying from the USA to Panama City and I witnessed something interesting. I was aboard a flight that had limited service and no business class section. There seemed to be a few levels of economy class that were pretty much invisible to the naked eye.

None of these seats had a TV monitor however if you had your own device and knew to download the app from the airline before you got on the plane you could watch TV shows and movies for free. The vast majority of people either had no such device, or did not get the app downloaded before the plane left the gate. We have a saying for that; SOL. I’m sure you can figure it out.

The next interesting thing was when the food cart was rolling down the aisle. The overhead announcement explained that complimentary pop and pretzels were available and for those who previously registered their credit card on the app (or knew to pre-order) a selection of tapas and snack boxes were also available for purchase.

Once again, the vast majority of passengers were SOL either because they were not aware of the opportunity ahead of time, or could not afford to take advantage of it at that time. From where I was sitting those bags of pretzels were stretched far and there were a lot of long faces and disappointed people.

I can think of several ways this well-known airline could have avoided disappointing their customers; an email explaining there will be no meal service and what the options are, a sign at the gate with a similar explanation, and a text message with a link to the full explanation. There are certainly many more options yet none were used by this very well-known airline not because they wanted to aggravate their customers, but because there are many other priorities above this, especially today while covid still looms darkly.

This really made me think about how similar this is to what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market. The masses are either unaware of the opportunity or do not have the ability to take advantage of it, and that is a real shame because:

“Investing in crypto will be the opportunity of a lifetime for the vast majority of people who get in now.”

The Case For Crypto

(This will be a long list…)

#1. Cryptocurrency is unregulated. Wait, shouldn’t that be in the against column? Nope. The advantage of crypto investing being unregulated is that no one (government or organizations) can decide for you that you are not allowed to take part. Today, regulation dictates who can invest in what, and it all comes down to your net worth. Throughout the first world, there are requirements in place that must be met in order for people like you and me to qualify to invest in the top-tier, ground-floor, opportunities that arise. This is generally referred to as having to be an “accredited investor” which loosely means you need a net worth of $1 million+ or you can’t even get a seat at the table.

The worst fallout from this system is that it pins down the poor and middle class and makes it impossible for them to invest in these lucrative, ground-floor investments.

This means the gap between the vast majority of the population and the wealthy gets wider:
– with every drop in the value of the currency,

– with every fraction of a percentage increase in inflation, and

– with every new or increased tax that is put in place.

Meanwhile, the profits from every investment we are allowed to make are being stripped away in fees, admin charges, and taxes. The system is very lopsided and very much rigged against the masses.

They say it’s for our protection. Well, I’d rather look out for myself thank you very much.

#2. Investing in cryptocurrency today is a ground-floor opportunity that no one can stop you from doing, with the possible exception of a well-meaning (albeit uninformed) spouse LOL. Make no mistake that wealthy people in societies all over the world, governments, and institutions are seeding investment capital into the crypto market at levels never seen before (and by that, I mean extremely high).

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are the future, whether you like them or understand them or not. The largest organizations in the world are not only investing in crypto and using blockchain technology in their business, they are also changing their infrastructure to be able to accept crypto as a form of payment to transact with.

The futurists among us know this is the first stage of early adoption and when we get to the point when crypto is widely accepted, that juicy ground-floor opportunity will be long gone. This early stage is the time when early, intrepid investors get rich.

#3. There are several safe ways to invest in crypto and in most cases, there are no minimum levels to meet.

#4. There are also minimal fees especially compared to the world of traditional finance.

#5. You have complete control and access to your crypto investment as long as you do not invest through a 3rd party (which is not a good idea and is usually a scam).

#6. Crypto can be transferred almost instantly, or at least within minutes rather than days or weeks.

The list of benefits does go on however those are the high points.

The Case Against Crypto

#1 Cryptocurrency is unregulated. Wait a minute, that was listed in the “for” column already. Yes, indeed and it is a double-edged sword. Because it is unregulated, there are far fewer ramifications (if any) imposed on the crooks out there trying to steal your money. This also means there are A LOT more crooks in this space, spinning tall tales that are too good to be true.

#2. The cryptocurrency market is considered the most volatile market on the planet and regular jumps and dips can be in the thousands, not pennies or dollars. This means big moves can happen fast and have the potential of wiping investors out if they don’t know what they’re doing or take big, unnecessary risks.

#3. There are no guarantees, and you could lose everything. Some might argue that the same is true with your bank account, corporate stocks, or even treasury bills. I think we all know several of each that have gone down in flames in the recent past, taking all investors down with them.

Fortunately, there are many excellent sources of information and training that regular people can access and it doesn’t take much time for one to get up to speed and learn about the smart and safe ways that exist to invest in cryptocurrency today.

A great place to start is with this FREE book that covers all the basics:

Crypto For The Clueless

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Safety And Prepare For A Bitcoin Windfall

I believe that no one on this earth cares more about my money than I do, and as such, I take a very active role in my finances. I choose to educate myself so I can make informed decisions instead of hoping and praying that the advice I’m getting is going to pan out.

If you are like me and want to learn about the safest way to invest in cryptocurrency, there is a free pdf report (available for a short time) that you can download.

Click here to get your copy now.

To your wealth and good fortune!


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