How To Use The Power Of Intention To Chart Your Course This Year

18 Jan 2022

3 simple steps to get anything you want in life no matter where you’re starting out.

Welcome aboard 2022! I sincerely hope that this greeting finds us all enjoying an abundance of good fortune in all areas of our lives.

If you’re anything like me, you are firmly “back to reality” and synthesizing last year’s results with this year’s hopes and goals, while looking ahead in hopeful anticipation!

The slate is wiped clean (at least metaphorically) and a new adventure is about to begin…. this is why I love that “January feeling”.

For the first time in a very long time, I admit that I am more preoccupied with a few “hopes” that are completely out of my control. Like covid for example….. There probably is not a person alive who does not join in the hope that this thing will be brought under control and come to an end so we can all get back to normal.

I’d like to ask you a profound question: What is normal?

Whether we are talking about the coronavirus, the weather, our business, or even our favorite meal, “normal” is always changing, isn’t it?

I think that’s why this is my favorite time of year and it’s definitely not because of the weather given that I live in the Northern hemisphere…… LOL

As we all sit on the precipice of yet another year before us, gifted to us for whatever unknown length of time we are so fortunate to be blessed with,

I am reminded to be grateful for:

  • the lessons that allow me to surge forward,
  • the new insights I’ve gained that force me to look in new, uncomfortable directions,
  • the hopeful outlook I maintain for everything in my life.

This is my foundation and as my stomach swirls with excitement and nervousness at the thought of achieving new goals, and bettering previous ones I remember that:

This is normal. Butterflies, increased heart rates, fear, enthusiasm, discomfort – all of it….

My biggest hope and desire for you is that you do not allow these normal, recurring feelings of trepidation to affect the goals or the course you set for this upcoming year.

As you set out to solidify your aspirations for 2022, remember that your intention can often be more important than your actual goal.

To understand this better, imagine for a moment that you are in a sailboat cruising way out in the middle of the ocean.

  • Your course is set, and the tropical island you’re heading for represents your goal(s).
  • The boat represents all the experience, tools, and resources you have at your disposal to use every day.
  • The ocean is all the unexpected problems, left-fielders, and mandatory/inconvenient changes we are all faced with in any endeavor.
  • The rutter is your intention and without it, there is literally no way of knowing where you will end up, making your tropical island a long shot.

~ Flash storms will come out of nowhere and attempt to take you off course.

~ Interesting shiny objects will glisten in the sun distracting you and take your eyes off your well-chosen path.

~ Bigger more beautiful boats will sail by and offer you to “jump ship” and join them!

~ You’ll spot sunken treasure ships in the shallows and may be tempted to stop what you’re doing and try treasure hunting for a while.

~ At some point you will get tired and think about quitting at the realization that this journey is taking longer than you expected or planned….

Known roadblocks and unexpected setbacks will keep coming, no matter which boat you’re in, or which ocean you’re sailing on.

If you’re out there long enough you can count on calm smooth days, and rough turbulent storms.

You can also count on wanting to quit and give up at certain points.

When you’re in the throws of entertaining a change of course, what keeps you on track? What keeps you going?

I believe it’s intention. Some people call this your “why” but that never sat well with me. I have many reasons why, but only 1 intention.

My intention is to improve my life and the life of my loved ones and those around me by using every moral & ethical tool and resource available to me, in the most efficient way that exists. Rinse and repeat.

When I hold that simple, achievable intention at the forefront of my mind, do you think a flash storm will stop me? Not likely.

I may be delayed and I could even end up limping my way across the finish line… but I will cross it.

When your solid intention is fixed in place, these simple 3-steps are all that is required to get anything you want in life:

  • Set your target or goal,
  • think about it often,
  • and take tiny little steps towards it every day.

This is deceivingly simple and remarkably effective. Try it!

With the very best wishes for 2022 and beyond,


The Expat Entrepreneur

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