astronomical clock depicting time management
19 Aug 2023
Productivity Rituals For Digital Entrepreneurs
Secrets of High-Preforming Entrepreneurs That Drive Revenue Straight Into Your Pocket
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12 Aug 2023
Work From Anywhere
Private Viewing: The Grand Canyon   (Keep reading to find out what happened during our private viewing!) The Grand Canyon never disappoints, even when it’s raining. I have had the privilege of seeing it up close, from different States, and different rims on multiple occasions, and it is spectacular every time. There are two things...
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one and only prompt thumnail
3 Jun 2023
The One & Only Prompt to Rule Them All 👑
Prompt Engineering on ChatGPT Just Got A Lot Easier Hi everybody, I’ve got an amazing uh piece of knowledge to share with you today. I discovered this in my continual quest to learn as much as I can about AI and chat GPT and figure out how to use it to its optimum capacity. What...
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person jumping between 2 mountains
17 May 2023
Succeed Faster by Leveraging The Power of The Growth Mindset For Easy Wins
Welcome to Your Growth Mindset Journey   While it can be said that people are either born with a growth mindset, or they’re not, this is absolutely something that can be deliberately chosen regardless of your predilection at birth. In many ways, we can draw comparisons between the optimist and a growth mindset, and the...
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9 May 2023
What is AI – How to Make it Work Like Crazy For You Even if it Freaks You Out
Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, permeating many aspects of our lives. As AI technology continues to advance, it offers us an unprecedented opportunity to save time and enhance productivity.   AI is short for artificial intelligence, some think of it as robotics or automated processes. In essence, it’s like...
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I Visited The Heart Of Mexico In February Of 2023 - This Is My Honest Opinion, And...
7 Apr 2023
I Visited The Heart Of Mexico In February Of 2023 – This Is My Honest Opinion, And…
A Travel Warning For Mexico City In the interest of clarity, I must start by saying that my experience and impressions are only based on a very small part of this behemoth of a city. A city of this size can provide a glimpse into all levels of class, compassion, safety, and experience and what...
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6 Mar 2023
Green Acres Chocolate Farm – A Slice of Botanical Heaven on Earth
If you find yourself on the Caribbean side of Panama in the Bocas del Toro, your trip will not be complete without stopping into Gary`s amazing chocolate farm. You may know from previous blogs that last year we recently left Japan after 10 wonderful years of living there and we moved to Panama. This is...
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How To Work From Anywhere In The World In 2023
16 Jan 2023
How To Work From Anywhere In The World In 2023
Fast, clever ways to fund a travel lifestyle for the expat living overseas, or the explorer with itchy feet.
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14 Jan 2023
Who Is The Expat Entrepreneur?
Meet an intrepid female entrepreneur who has been living and working overseas for 22 years. If your goal is to make money online 2023, have a read and see how one lady is doing it while traveling the world.
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22 Nov 2022
You See Blood In The Streets And Want To Invest In Crypto? Here Are The Risks
Just in time for Black Friday deals, crypto offers further discounts to anyone who can stomach the (increased) risk. Find out how to invest in crypto in the safest way possible for today's market.
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