17 May 2023
Succeed Faster by Leveraging The Power of The Growth Mindset For Easy Wins
Welcome to Your Growth Mindset Journey   While it can be said that people are either born with a growth mindset, or they’re not, this is absolutely something that can be deliberately chosen regardless of your predilection at birth. In many ways, we can draw comparisons between the optimist and a growth mindset, and the...
9 May 2023
What is AI – How to Make it Work Like Crazy For You Even if it Freaks You Out
Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years, permeating many aspects of our lives. As AI technology continues to advance, it offers us an unprecedented opportunity to save time and enhance productivity.   AI is short for artificial intelligence, some think of it as robotics or automated processes. In essence, it’s like...
16 Jan 2023
How To Work From Anywhere In The World In 2023
Fast, clever ways to fund a travel lifestyle for the expat living overseas, or the explorer with itchy feet.
14 Jan 2023
Who Is The Expat Entrepreneur?
Meet an intrepid female entrepreneur who has been living and working overseas for 22 years. If your goal is to make money online 2023, have a read and see how one lady is doing it while traveling the world.
1 May 2022
Enneagram Test For Entrepreneurs -REVIEW- How To Use This Tool To Improve Your Business And Life
How this personality test can improve your quality of life. This is one of those topics that people are drawn to, like a moth to a flame.Most of us are very interested to learn more about our personality, our character traits, strengths and even weaknesses if for no other reason than to see how accurate...
18 Jan 2022
How To Use The Power Of Intention To Chart Your Course This Year
3 simple steps to get anything you want in life no matter where you’re starting out. Welcome aboard 2022! I sincerely hope that this greeting finds us all enjoying an abundance of good fortune in all areas of our lives. If you’re anything like me, you are firmly “back to reality” and synthesizing last year’s...